Keeping your Windows Squeaky Clean

Cleaning your homes windows can seem like a big task, and depending on the size of your home or if you are in a block of flats and are above the first floor, it could be safer to hire a professional cleaning service to clean the exterior of your windows. As a rule of thumb you should clean your exterior windows twice a year, although they may need more depending on the elements or if you are living in a high pollution area.

To clean the inside's of your windows you can use old fashioned newspaper and vinegar, or buy some window cleaning liquid. A bit of elbow grease will get your windows looking crystal clear. Another tip is to buy a squeegee, like the professionals use, which will make your window cleaning work much faster and you will be less likely to be spreading the dirt and grime around the windows. Remember to always start from the top of the windows and work down towards the bottom.

If you are hiring a professional window cleaner, check they are approved and have references before they start working on your home. They should also have the correct safety equipment to reach the height of your windows. Generally speaking their equipment should reach 65 feet, if they are not using ladders. Our window cleaning services cover Dagenham, Braintree, Romford, Harlow, and other locations in Essex.

For those living in high rise buildings a window cleaning company with access to hydraulic equipment, cradle access systems or even abseiling services would be required. If you are living in a period property you will want to ensure the window cleaning service will take this into account.

Always get a few quotes from window cleaning companies before choosing your contractor, and be sure to check references. A cleaning company should also always be able to provide insurance details, to protect both your property and their window cleaners.